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AutoSoci eCom Edition allows you to instantly tap into Amazon and eBay's FULL product portal.

$189 billion was sold through these eCommerce giants last year and this year it's even BIGGER.

Who doesn't LOVE shopping?

You now have the ability to grab REAL products from 2 of the BIGGEST giants in eCommerce to get seen by millions of people on social networks with 1 click.

It's fast because AutoSoci eCom edition creates mini-product pages that does one job... and that's to get you the sale.

Customers can buy in 1 click as they already have their accounts connected for instant payments.

Plus you can monetise excessively BIGGER commissions when your visitors share your posts for free on social networks at the click of a button.

Sell any eCommerce product of your choice in any niche.

AutoSoci eCom Edition!

Built-In Proven Products That SELL!

Amazon is the fastest growing company in eCommerce and still largely an untapped opportunity YOU can't afford to miss. 

$107 BILLION sold last year, amassing 304 MILLION cash paying customers on record.

Amazon literally makes everything super-easy for you, from creating a free account to making money. It's no wonder why people just like you are jumping on this opportunity right now because the average customer SPENDS $625!

YES! $625 but get this...

With an army of 220,000 employees and 480 million products to choose from, it makes it a total no-brainer for you to get in and start cashing in today.

Because all you do is activate the software that automatically showcases proven products that are selling and Amazon takes care of everything else.

From product sourcing to selling for you. From packaging to shipping. From fulfilment to customers support. Practically everything from A to Z and PAY YOU commissions.

Built-In eBay Product Integration

Instantly tap into eBay's $82 billion worth of selling inventory with 1 click.

At the click of a button the software automatically creates product information, eye catching images, powerful headlines and call to action descriptions for you, so you don’t need to hire expensive programmers, designers or content writers.

It even autofills your affiliate links too so you get paid.

Your mini-product posts shows the products, eBay stocks, processes and fulfils the orders and you get paid commissions.

Forget product enquiries, refunds, complaints and returns.

It’s all taken care off.

Automated eCommerce Selling Machine

In 1 click get your very own, viral eCommerce business in seconds.

Sell eCommerce products at the push of a button without a domain name, hosting account or an online store that are proven to sell.

Once activated, your commission-generating machine will now start generating you sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all hands-free.

Your visitors will see professional mini-pages they LOVE, designed to be simple, easy and to the point to do one thing...

And that's to get you the SALE!


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NO PHOTOSHOP Or Design Skills Required.
Simple Drag-n-Drop To AWESOME Graphics

FAST-Action Bonus 1

Banner Graphics Creator

Create Amazing Headers And Banners For Your Website, Store, Blog & Much More...

Choose from the predetermined size formats, or make your own using the custom feature. Choose from 100s of templates designs, add background colors, built-in graphics and icons and start getting results in minutes.

Create UNLIMITED header and banner ad designs for any market or niche ...

This unique software will give you the ability to easily create eye-catching designs for your products without any prior design experience.

FAST-Action Bonus 2

eCover Graphics Creator

Create amazing flat and 3D ecover with our premium ebook software app for your business.

Choose a background, add your title with the built-in effects, icons and graphics to beautify your design.

From the get-go, we built eCovers with high-resolution graphical elements so that you can project a professional brand instantly.

Once your design is ready, you may download it as a flat cover, or turn it into different types (hard cover, soft cover, CD box, etc) of 3D covers with a click of the mouse.

FAST-Action Bonus 3

51 Done-For-You Products To BOOST Commissions

You get 51 products in different categories that you can give away to your users for joining your list, sharing your products or buying from you.

The fact is, who doesn’t like getting something for free? So why not reward them for free and make more commissions.

Think of it like a freebie.

Do you think they’ll buy from you, sign up or socially share your products and get you free traffic or ... from your competitor who offers nothing?

You get 51 opportunities to get more free traffic and make more sales. In other words, more PAYING customers.

Creating even one of these products to give away or as a bonus will set you back a few hundred dollars. But you’re getting 51 completely, done-for-you products, saving you a few thousand dollars.

Here's EVERYTHING You Get Today!

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3 eCom Licenses

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  • ZERO Inventory. ZERO Capital & ZERO Risk
  • Automated Mini "eCommerce" Page Posting
  • 1 Click Automated Schedule + Publishing
  • 100% FREE eCommerce Buyer Traffic
  • NO Tech Skills Required
  • Includes Fast-Start Videos & Training
  • Hands-FREE eCommerce Selling System
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  • UNLIMITED Profile Licenses
  • Unlock Amazon Products
  • Unlock eBay Products
  • ZERO Inventory. ZERO Capital & ZERO Risk
  • Automated Mini "eCommerce" Page Posting
  • 1 Click Automated Schedule + Publishing
  • 100% FREE eCommerce Buyer Traffic
  • NO Tech Skills Required
  • Includes Fast-Start Videos & Training
  • Hands-FREE eCommerce Selling System

PRO + Exclusive BONUS!

  • PRO: Autofills Your Affiliate Links
  • PRO: INSTANT "1 Click" Viral Product Sharing
  • BONUS: 51 Products To BOOST Commissions
  • BONUS: FREE Banner Graphics Creator
  • BONUS: FREE eCover Graphics Creator
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AutoSoci eCom Edition Unlocks Amazon & eBay To Gets You MORE Automated Viral Commissions Hands-FREE.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We put everything into AutoSoci to make sure you love it. You are covered by our 30 days money back guarantee. If you face any issue with our product or decide you want a refund, we shall deactivate the software and refund you accordingly. Most problems are technical which shall be fixed once queried. You have a full 30 days to try it out RISK-FREE.

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